How To Find The Best Shower Remodel Service

Shower Remodel

If you’re considering a shower remodel either in Kent or elsewhere in the region which can include a new tub-to-tub conversion, welcome the chance of sharing with you some unique ideas and choices! Kent is Britain’s most popular shower destination, and is home to some of the country’s finest shower remodel professionals who are serving today’s homeowner with inspirational and innovative ideas for transforming an outdated bathroom shower into a luxurious spa-type experience. The reasons to remodel your shower are many but perhaps the most compelling is to achieve the “wow” factor which will instantly add value to your home. A beautiful new bathroom shower design can also make a real difference to the feel and comfort of your bathroom environment. If you’ve been thinking about a bathroom renovation, or you’re in the market for some new ideas on how to renovate your current bathroom, it’s time to turn to a leading supplier of bathroom accessories to get your creative juices flowing. Check out to learn more about recent styles and designs for your bathroom remodeling.

Bathroom showers are no longer just about functionality; they can also be personal statements in and of themselves. In this day and age of stylish and streamlined bathrooms, tub-to-tub showers are the order of the day. Today’s tub-to-tub shower is not just an upgrade to your existing bath, but it’s an entirely new bathroom design, too. You can create a spa-like spa experience by remodeling your existing bath with a luxury shower. With a wide range of options, including classic and contemporary designs, today’s homeowners have a wide variety of options when it comes to upgrading their bathroom showers.

Today’s homeowners have several options available when it comes to updating their bath and shower systems. You can update your traditional showers with high-quality showers featuring all the benefits of steam showers without the hassle and price. Steam showers offer the same health benefits as a hot tub without the cost and high installation fees associated with hot tubs. With a high-quality shower, you’ll never have to worry about cold or damp feeling floors again. A new shower system will add value to your home, increase its marketability, and ultimately increase your level of overall well-being.

Shower Remodeling: Bathroom renovation projects today require more attention to detail and more creativity than ever before. Whether you’re looking to revamp an entire room or make small changes to your existing bathroom, your best bet is to turn to a leading supplier of bathroom supplies and bathroom remodeling services to get the job done right. The high-quality showers featured at Platinum Painting & Design can offer you everything you need for an exceptional remodeling job that adds value to your home and makes a statement about your style. Whether you need a bathtub replacement or a shower repair, or even something as simple as new tiles for the bath or shower, you can count on the experts at Platinum Painting & Design to deliver. They are dedicated to delivering only the highest quality materials and workmanship to their clients. They take special pride in their work and will do whatever it takes to ensure your bathroom remodeling project is completed in a timely manner and with the highest quality materials possible.

Tubs to Shower Conversion: If you’re planning on installing a new shower or doing minor updates to your existing shower, you can consider one of our custom tub-to-shirt shower kits. This kit is fully customizable and includes all the supplies necessary to transform your shower from a plain old tub to a comfortable, spa-like showering experience in a matter of minutes. Our tub-to-shirt conversion kits are fully certified by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and the Water Quality Association of America (WQA).

Even if you have years of experience in plumbing and electrical repairs, we can still complete any type of remodeling project that you come up with. Whether it’s a new tub or a new shower, we can change your shower to a more pleasing, healthier alternative. Our team of licensed plumbers and electricians have decades of experience in installing all kinds of plumbing and electrical systems. With so much knowledge and experience, they can put together anything that will fit your bathroom design. From hosing to showerheads and waterlines, everything that needs to be done can be.