Beyond Digital – Why Printed Marketing Materials Still Matter in Branding

In an era where businesses can realistically exist and market themselves solely online, one might be forgiven for thinking that printed marketing materials have been replaced by digital alternatives. But the truth is, the two formats are complementary and savvy marketers have learned that the best way to make their campaigns work together is to provide an appealing call-to-action (CTA). This is what keeps print and digital working well, instead of one fighting it out or placing them in different marketing silos.

Even with all the advantages that digital marketing offers, it can be difficult to compete with the level of tangibility and real-world authority that printed marketing materials bring. The fact that people can pick up a brochure or leaflet and read it on their own time in a place where they feel comfortable, rather than death-scrolling through Facebook in the workplace, makes them much more likely to engage with it and convert.

The physical nature of printed marketing materials also lends them a sense of permanence. Unlike ephemeral social media posts, which can be easily deleted or forgotten, brochures and leaflets can be kept, shared with others, passed around at exhibitions and used as a reference point later on in the customer journey. They also have the added benefit of being something that customers can take away with them, allowing them to continue building up familiarity with a brand and making them more likely to convert from prospect to client.

Despite the decline in overall newspaper circulation, there is a strong and engaged group of readers for whom print is essential for their daily news. For them, the high-quality paper and print process of newspapers and magazines are essential for a positive reading experience. This contrasts with online versions which are often not as clear, easy to read and can be frustrating due to screen size and brightness.

There are also plenty of creative options available to those who want to produce printed marketing material that stands out from the crowd. From perfumed leaflets and catalogues with scented pages to products that change colour in light, there are endless ways to draw attention and encourage engagement from consumers. Whatever the reason for producing a printed marketing campaign, it’s vital that it’s produced to the highest possible standards. A cheap photocopied flyer or business card will give a very bad impression and damage a company’s reputation, but a professionally designed and produced piece of marketing can do wonders in terms of bringing in new clients and encouraging customer loyalty. That is why you should make sure you work with a reputable print shop in Orlando.